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Among the effects of the pandemic COVID-19, those who have had in the home economy have been the most complicated to cope with. However, it is already in the approval process. AFP retreat 2022, the same one that needs to receive the go-ahead from the Executive. So, once this happens, in how many parts can I request up to 4 UIT of my funds? Here the details.

In fact, the Economy Commission was in charge of its approval last Tuesday, April 12. The most remarkable thing about it was that all affiliates will be taken into account, active contributor or not, to be able to withdraw their money from the pension fund. Thus, it marked a different point to the project postulated by the Work Commissionin which withdrawal was only possible for those who had not contributed consecutively in three months.

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In this way, the next thing is to wait for the approval of the Executive towards the retirement law AFP. However, it is important to mention that it is essential that the Superintendence of Banking, Insurance and AFP (SBS) publish the schedule to just carry out the procedure for collecting the money. Most likely this will be in three navies, as has happened on previous occasions.

  • First part: 1 UIT (S/4600) 30 days after the request is computed.
  • Second part: 1 UIT (S/4600) 30 days after delivery of the first amount.
  • Third part: 2 UIT (S/9200) 30 days after the second delivery.


  • Enter the SBS AFP Affiliate Consultation webpage by doing CLICK HERE and complete the form data.
  • Choose the option to search by DNI or by names and surnames. Fill in the fields and select ‘search’.
  • Once you have completed the steps, the application will show you the AFP to which you contribute and the type of commission charged to you.


Once the AFP 2022 withdrawal is enabled, you must first know how much money you have saved in your pension fund. To do this, you must enter the page of the AFP to which you belong in this way:

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