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2023-07-17 09:27:35

The ISC Paris business school offers the master of science “management of health industries”, training in the management of organizations applied to a booming sector.

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A transversal course

Created in 2005 and offered at ISC Paris, the master 2 of science (MSc) “management of health industries” is mainly intended for health professionals (doctors, pharmacists, veterinarians, biologists, etc.) but also for business or law students who wish to specialize in health for a period of one year. The course proposes to acquire a double competence, scientific and managerial, to better understand the stakes of the health industries, a sector in full transformation.

On the program for this year of teaching: market access, business intelligence, change management, well-being in health, health systems, e-health software… The students also approach the operation of “living labs” and are trained in designthinking. They further develop their business and health data processing skills by learning how to manage panels and conduct market research. All of these lessons can be followed on a work-study basis and are delivered in a variety of formats (case studies, serious play, animations, etc.), with an emphasis on digital.

After a first semester dedicated to mastering theoretical fundamentals and internationally oriented, students must carry out a mission in a company and write a dissertation that demonstrates their ability to master a health problem and issue recommendations.

Christian-Eric Mauffré, Dr in Pharmacy, PhD in Management, Head of the MSc MIS Program

Christian-Eric Mauffré, Dr in Pharmacy, PhD in Management, Head of the MSc MIS Program ISC Paris

A professional diploma

The teachers are current health professionals, medical experts or doctors in management. In addition, the course benefits from solid and growing partnerships with laboratories, business analysts, start-ups, retail, product and service companies as well as care players.

At the end of the year, students are able to take up a position immediately and the possibilities are numerous: international project manager in the health industries (pharmaceutical, cosmetics, care, biotech), product manager or coordinator, manager or business developer, supply chain manager, consultant or coach (network and personal development expert), regional medical manager, marketing manager, web agency manager, business and intelligence manager, etc.

Since its creation, the MSc “management of health industries” has welcomed nearly 350 students, at the rate of 35 students per promotion with 7 to 8 nationalities represented and an average success rate established at 95%! Six months after the end of training, the employment rate rises to 80% (with 6 to 8% continuing to study). On the strength of these successes, those in charge of the MSc at ISC Paris have set themselves the objective of attracting new talent every year to give them the means and the opportunity to integrate a dynamic industry and to prosper there.

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