High penalty for dog bite: French Montana loses process

French Montana (37) actually has to pay! About four years ago, negative headlines made the rounds about the rapper again: his shepherd dog Zane attacked a man and seriously injured his arm. But how did it happen? Victim Juan Lomeli was cleaning the musician’s pool in Calabasas, California, when the dog apparently freaked out and attacked him for no reason. His employee then sued him – and has now been proven right: French Montana has to pay a whopping fine!

That reports now TMZ. The jury of the trial has now ruled that French Montana has to pay the victim 129,500 US dollars in damages – that is the equivalent of around 124,300 euros. The reason: Due to the injury to his arm, Lomeli was unable to work for a long time and suffered a financial loss. Added to this is the trauma from the attack.

This is actually far from the first time that his four-legged friend has attacked someone in his home! About a year after the attack on Lomeli, the dog also bit French Montanas Landscape gardener Levya. Also in the same year, his former handyman, Banuelos, was injured by the shepherd while he was about to install a security camera. Both victims have also filed a complaint. According to Daily Mail By the way, French Montana still owns his pet.

The musician French Montana
French Montana, singer
French Montana, musician

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