Hiromasa Ototake Candidacy Controversy: Updates on Tokyo 15th Ward Special Election

2024-04-12 03:38:35

Hiromasa Ototake announcing his candidacy on the 8th in Koto Ward, Tokyo.

On the 12th, Yuko Obuchi, chairperson of the Liberal Democratic Party’s campaign committee, decided not to recommend Hiromasa Ototake (48), a new writer who has announced his candidacy as an independent candidate for the Tokyo 15th Ward special election for the House of Representatives (announced on the 16th, votes counted on the 28th). issued a comment. On the 2nd, the Liberal Democratic Party announced its intention to give up on fielding its own candidate and recommend Ototake.

In his comment, he explained that he took into consideration that in addition to the fact that Ototake himself had not requested a recommendation, the branch office in Koto Ward, his constituency, had requested that he not submit a recommendation. “In terms of future measures, we will continue to work together with the Tokyo Metropolitan Federation, with the intentions of the Koto General Branch, which aims to expand the party’s presence locally, as our top priority.”

◆Supporting LDP-recommended candidates in the Koto Ward mayoral election

Regarding Mr. Ototake, there is a background that he supported former ward mayor Yayoi Kimura, who was running against the Liberal Democratic Party’s recommended candidate in the April 2023 Koto ward mayoral election (currently on trial for violations of the Public Elections Act (such as bribery)). At the Koto General Branch, there was an objection that “we can’t get along with people from the Kimura clan.” There were also strong voices that took issue with the fact that the Liberal Democratic Party considered running for the position in the 2016 House of Councilors election, but was forced to abandon the idea after a weekly magazine reported on women’s issues.

Mr. Ototake is the vice-representative of the First Group, which was established by a regional political party where Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike serves as a special advisor. The First Association announced on the 12th that it had decided to recommend Mr. Ototake. (Motonari Miyao)

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