Historic decision! The NBA legalizes marijuana starting next season

The NBA, and the National Association of Basketball Players, have reached an agreement for a new Collective Agreement, which will come into force as of the next 2023/24 season, and which will last for seven seasons.

This collective agreement will bring new benefits for players, such as increasing the percentage of maximum salary in contract extensions, however, it will also come with a decision that will be quite controversial for many.

As reported by journalist Shams Charania, from The Athletic, marijuana will no longer be a prohibited substance in NBA drug tests under the new Collective Agreement that the league has agreed to with the Players Association.

The last collective agreement that had been signed, and which was in force between 2017 and 2023, established that marijuana was a prohibited substance in the league, and giving three positives for consuming it meant a sanction of five games without playing.

Despite this, it is public knowledge that many NBA players consume this substance, among them, for example, the star of the Phoenix songs Kevin Durant, who once declared that “marijuana is just marijuana, it doesn’t hurt you.” to nobody”.

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