Horoscope Today, July 17, 2023

2023-07-16 23:30:06

Aries (Ashwati, Bharani, Kartika for those born up to 1st part): Career success, recognition, promotion, health, exam success, happiness are seen. Wishes may come true.

Idavam (for those born up to the last third of Kartika, Rohini and first half of Makair): Sees failure in business, loss of pride, strife, argument, mental strain, enmity. You may get scolded by your boss.

Gemini (Makairam 2nd quarter, Tiruvathira, Punartam for those born up to 1st quarter): Success in business, abundance of choice food, success in exams are seen. Get admission to new courses.

Cancer (Punartham last quarter, Puyam, Ayyalam): Business failure, expenses, financial problems, mental strain, health, laziness, travel failure, poor health, financial problems are seen. Borrowing efforts may be hampered.

Leo (Makam, Pooram, Uthram for those born in the first quarter): Sees business success, association with relatives, Dhanayoga, health and enthusiasm. Wishes may come true.

VIRGO (for those born up to the last third of Utra, Atham and first half of Chitira): Sees career success, association with relatives, success in exams, favorable transfer, promotion, recognition, association with relatives, happiness. Meetings can be successful.

Libra (Chitira 2nd quarter, Choti, Visakha for those born in first 3rd quarter): Business problems, physical discomfort, lack of activity, stomach problems, travel problems, financial problems are seen.

Vrischikam (for those born up to Vishaka last quarter, Anizham, Triketta): Failure in business, fear of danger, bodily injury, sense of loss, loss of will, mental strain are seen. Beware of two-wheelers.

Sagittarius (Moolam, Puradam, Utradam for those born up to the first quarter): Success in business, friendship, health, success in exams, gain in career. Negotiations can be successful.

Makaram (for those born up to the last third of Utradam, Thiruvonam and first half of Avittam): Karyavijaya, competitive victory, Shatrukshaya, Suhridasamagam, health are seen. Travels can be successful.

Aquarius (Avittam second half, Chatayam, Pururutati for those born up to first third): Disruption in business, restlessness, mental strain, travel hindrance, stomach trouble, financial hindrance are seen.

Pisces (Pururutati last quarter, Utthrittati, Revathi): Problems in business, poor physical condition, financial problems, stomach problems, mental problems, physical damage, travel problems.

Content Summary: July 17 Monday/ Daily Prediction by G. Jayachandra Raj

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