Housemaid Raped and Compensated: Shocking Kuwait City Incident

2023-09-08 16:40:00

Kuwait City: In Kuwait, a housemaid who was raped by her sponsor’s son and got pregnant has received a huge compensation. A 32-year-old woman from Sri Lanka became pregnant after being molested.

Upon learning, the sponsor brought the doctor home to perform the abortion. He also threatened the housekeeper not to disclose this information. The domestic worker, whose health deteriorated after having an abortion, was taken to the airport by her employer for a flight to her home country.

But the airline officials refused to allow the woman, whose health condition has worsened, on the flight. This was reported to the Sri Lankan Embassy in Kuwait. With this, the Sri Lankan Embassy filed a case against the employer. After the legal battles that followed, the court ordered the woman to pay compensation equal to 21,000 US dollars (68 lakh Sri Lankan rupees).

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Foreigner caught for fake witchcraft and fraud

Kuwait City: A foreigner who committed fake witchcraft and fraud was arrested in Kuwait. The accused, who is of African origin, was arrested by the Home Ministry officials.

He was arrested for practicing fake witchcraft and sorcery to deceive people. In this way, the accused tried to exploit people financially. The accused and the evidence collected have been handed over to the concerned authorities for further legal action. The action is part of protecting the public from fraud and financial exploitation.

At the same time, three prostitution rings were caught in the inspections conducted by the Ministry of Interior officials in Kuwait. The gangs involved in prostitution and spreading it through social media were arrested. A total of 19 expatriates were arrested during the checks conducted by the officials. All of them are from Asian countries.

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