How did the earthquake detonate “psychological” bombs in the face of the world? Doctor explains

Laith Al-Abadi to “Your Interaction”: The earthquake brought together all kinds of psychological damage, from staying under the rubble to losing loved ones and home

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The devastating earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria affected millions of people, not to mention the deaths and injuries it claimed.

The earthquake caused collective psychological crisis Especially the thousands of survivors who were pulled out after spending days and nights under the rubble, and the extent of the psychological pressure they were subjected to.

Everyone who stood above the rubble awaiting the release of a relative, friend or neighbor, in addition to the rescue teams, was also subjected to a psychological crisis, especially what they experienced during these days.

With the difference in the scale of the tragedy, of course, millions of people who watched the painful and poignant news were affected.

“Your Interaction” hosted the psychiatrist Dr. Laith Al-Abadi, who explained how the earthquake affected the psyche of all of those we mentioned above.

He said that this earthquake is not only equivalent to several nuclear bombs, but also psychological bombs that exploded in the face of the world, and the earthquake brought together all kinds of psychological damage, from survival under the rubble to physical harm and the loss of loved ones and home, not to mention the cold weather.

He added that what happens is a post-traumatic psychological state that continues with the person for a long time in the form of memories.

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