How “ecological gentrification” is suffocating the middle classes

2023-05-30 09:36:00

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GRANDSTAND. Between ecological imperative and need for land, the real estate sector is experiencing major upheavals. The middle classes will be the first affected.

By Sebastien Bourdin*

A subdivision under construction in Poitiers (Vienne).
A housing estate under construction in Poitiers (Vienne).
© Jean-François Fort/Hans Lucas via AFP

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Dn an open letter addressed to Emmanuel Macron on May 15, real estate professionals called for an “electroshock”. Between the inflation which undermines the purchasing power of households, the increase in the cost of credit, the increase in the price of real estate which extends to medium-sized towns and peri-urban areas, where real estate was once more accessible, the sector is going through an unprecedented crisis. All these factors combined are excluding more and more people from the market. So much so that one wonders if home ownership for the middle classes is evaporating before our eyes.

The middle classes, traditionally carriers of the dream of property, find themselves caught in a vice. Indeed, in addition to these financial factors, another, of a regulatory nature, will…

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