How Much Does it Cost to Organize a Concert? Diosdado Gaitán Castro Shares Insights and Tips

2023-10-14 04:01:13

It is not new that Peruvian artists such as the Ayacucho singer-songwriter Diosdado Gaitán Castro have to organize their own concerts to remain current in the plaza and thus their followers and other audiences can enjoy their talent. But how much does it cost to put together a show? Diosdado Gaitán Castro, who already has several events in his account, points out that this can vary depending on the place, the call, the musicians, paraphernalia and obviously the expenses of legal procedures.

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“We have always organized our shows because life itself demanded it of us. When you make your own events you do it to measure, to the demands demanded by a show of our stature, of our genre and we have never been oblivious to technological advances, on the contrary, we use technology together with tradition making it become more revolutionary, impressive and competitive,” says the Ayacucho singer.

“In addition to being a singer-songwriter, I have seen the need to plan and put together my own concerts, especially in Lima, for now and doing so means a challenge, a beautiful challenge, to enter a field as a businessman and do it with the requirements that, as an artist, As a singer and performer, I long,” says the musician, who is already organizing his last show of the year 2023.

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This challenge has to do with being aware of all the details, from sound, lights, screens, etc. even the artistic part itself. “And that the public feels that it was worth being there. To achieve this we make a superhuman effort, our time triples since I supervise the entire process, plus the rehearsals and, fundamentally, the promotion of the concert in the media. Despite the few showcases, spaces on radio, television, we always managed to put together an ideal agenda to carry it out. And without promotion we cannot have the results,” said the artist.

Thus, the interpreter of “Amor, amor” and “Profesorita” is preparing the show “Contracorriente” with which he will close his 2023 agenda, in terms of organizing concerts. This event will take place on November 17 at the Bianca de Barranco convention center, a stage that Diosdado Gaitán Castro knows perfectly and that, together with the El Sol band, will present a repertoire according to the occasion.

Special guests at the concert are: Daniela Prado, composer and performer of folk pop music with Peruvian and Latin American roots, and La Patronal, a group that celebrates the tradition of Peru through its music. Tickets are available at Teleticket.


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