How to Choose the Best Uninterruptible Power Supply?

Are you looking for an uninterruptible power supply that will allow you to protect your devices from voltage fluctuations? Find out everything you need to know to choose the best UPS that can save you the damage caused by power cuts and blackouts.

An uninterruptible power supply system, also called UPS, is in the form of an electrical device, capable of supplying various equipment in a stable manner, regardless of the state of the electrical network. This emergency power supply device notably takes over in the event of a micro-cut in order to protect all the accessories connected to it. By processing the flow coming directly from your supplier, it allows you to benefit from a stable power supply, not subject to voltage drops and short outages. During a real power outage, your UPS will power all your appliances for enough time to allow you to safely shut them down or repair your power source.

By correcting for fluctuations, uninterruptible power supplies protect your most sensitive devices. Indeed, some electronic components can react very badly in the event of a sudden stop or lose their lifespan due to variable voltage and repeated micro-cuts. It is therefore advisable to connect your fragile or high-value equipment to your uninterruptible power supply. This type of system is particularly widely used with laptop PCs, desktop computers, game consoles or even professional servers.

How to choose an uninterruptible power supply system?

To choose an ideal uninterruptible power supply for your equipment, you will first need to determine the type of device you want to protect from voltage fluctuations and failures. For domestic use, you will also need to take into account the size of the UPS enclosure. Indeed, when they are intended for professionals, these devices can be particularly imposing. Conversely, those offered to the general public rely on a more compact size.

Several characteristics are also to be observed to sort between the different models of uninterruptible power supply system. Ask yourself in particular about the power, and therefore the possible energy needs of your installation. If a real breakdown occurs, you will also have to think about the desired autonomy, corresponding to the duration of operation after a cut. This suspended time will allow you, for example, to save your files before shutting down your computer. Uninterruptible power supplies being themselves electrical devices, it is also essential to know their resistance capacities. Protection against dust, robustness, maximum and minimum temperature… Depending on where you want to place your new emergency power supply, also make sure to respect all these parameters for safety and longevity reasons.

Why Choose Amazon Basics Uninterruptible Power Supply?

Within its Amazon Basics range, Amazon offers many useful everyday devices. Available at 140.79 euros, the Amazon Basics uninterruptible power supply system will be suitable for home use. Allow sufficient space of 36.4 cm in length, 13.9 cm in width and 19.5 cm in height to install this compact accessory, weighing 10.9 kg. This UPS model is equipped with six IEC-C13 sockets, an APFC load support and hybrid RJ11/RJ45 connectors. You can therefore protect many types of equipment, including your computers and game consoles, with your Amazon Basics uninterruptible power supply.

Displaying 1500 VA and 900 W, the Amazon device has an estimated charging time of 6 hours for a battery capacity of 90%. Equipped with an automatic shutdown system, the Amazon Basics UPS also incorporates USB HID functionality, a resettable circuit breaker, and a patented APFC charging support. At any time, you will be able to view the status of your emergency power supply thanks to its LED indicators. For sale on Amazon, the UPS is compatible with Amazon Prime member benefits. Join the e-tailer’s loyalty program to benefit from free priority delivery.

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