How to watch the France-Denmark match broadcast live on beIN SPORTS?

France vs Denmark match broadcast live today

The date of the France-Denmark match

Live broadcast of the France-Denmark match on Saturday, November 26, starting at 19:00 Mecca Al-Mukarramah time.

The France-Denmark match will be broadcast exclusively on MAX 1.

Watch the France-Denmark match in a live broadcast over the Internet

In addition to the television broadcast, beIN SPORTS broadcasts the match live in high-quality technology on the Internet via beIN CONNECT.

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France vs Denmark match – moment by moment

Ring 68: Christensen’s header hits Loris’ net! (1-1)

Ring 61: A wonderful double between Teo Hernandez and Mbappe, and the latter throws the ball into Casper’s net! (1-0)

Ring 60: Griezmann! He infiltrated between two defenders and shot very strangely, so he missed the opportunity to open the scoring for France….

The return of the match in its second half.

The end of the first half tied without goals.

Ring 40: Dembele’s cross reaches Mbappe, who shoots without focus

Ring 36: After a quick counterattack, Andreas Cornelius hit a powerful ball that was far from Loris’ net.

Ring 33: Griezmann tried to deceive Schmeichel, but the latter, with great skill, pushed the ball away

Ring 31: Conde’s powerful shot was nullified by his Barcelona teammate Christensen.

Ring 21: Rabiot’s header excelled in Schmeichel’s response… a dangerous opportunity!

A big club in this confrontation, but the French team is more dangerous in the last few meters in front of Schmeichel’s goal.

Ring 10: France is showing its fangs.. Jiro did not deal well with the ball!

The start of the summit confrontation on the grounds of Stadium 974

Starting lineup: France – Denmark

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