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Original title: Goalkeeper Huang Qian was ridiculed for frequent mistakes: Karius possessed the Red Army die-hard fans

On May 4th, Beijing time, in the Champions League semi-final that ended early this morning, Villarreal led Liverpool 2-0 in the first half, but Liverpool scored 3 goals in the second half, and the total score was 2-5. The Reds are in the Champions League semi-finals this season. After the game, Villarreal goalkeeper Rulli was also criticized and ridiculed by netizens.

In the eyes of fans, the reason why Fabinho and Mane can score goals needs Rulli to blame. They believe that Fabinho’s goal went through Lulli’s crotch, while Mane’s goal was caused by Lulli’s rash choice.

Then fans made a ruthless mockery of Rulli on the Internet. Some fans said: “How can Villarreal bring a goalkeeper who is not even qualified as a league substitute to participate in the Champions League semi-finals?” Some fans mocked: ” Rully was Liverpool’s best player in this game.”

More fans mentioned Karius, the former Red Army goalkeeper who made frequent mistakes in the 2018 Champions League final: “Rulli staged a Karius drama! Rulli should ask Klopp if he wants to play for Liverpool, He’s definitely a die-hard Liverpool fan. Rully will definitely get some ‘bonus’ tonight.”

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