Hugo Besson could return to Europe next season

Like Ismaël Kamagate, Hugo Besson should also skip the NBA box in 2022-23. The Bucks have reportedly decided to send him back to work on his ranges before potentially calling him back in the future. Too bad for the interested party, but don’t worry Hugo, Coach Bud’ has your 06 if needed.

There is all the irony of an NBA Draft. While players drafted and therefore recognized for their talent do not have and may never have the opportunity to tread an NBA floor, others not called up benefit from a contract with certain teams for a tryout. in the G League. Moreover, we remember as an example the case of our Frenchman David Michineau, drafted in 2016 by the Pelicans and then never recalled to the United States since. This scenario is not necessarily the one that awaits Hugo Besson in the future, but it cannot be ruled out. What makes us think that things can clear up for the native of Var? Well first, the Bucks put cash on the table on Draft night to buy out pick 58 from the Pacers. The idea of ​​selecting Hugo was therefore probably in the back of the Daims’ management mind for a while. Two, and even if it’s not official yet, M’sieur Besson could play the Summer League with Milwaukee. You never know because after a successful Combine… maybe a door will open at the end of a successful summer of basketball.

If this is not the case, it will therefore be necessary to fly to the Old Continent. Or maybe go back to Australia? With its NBA preparatory program aimed at young people, the Australian National Basketball League is a popular championship for franchise scouts. Why not imagine a return to the Kangoos Juniors to continue to work hard at his game and catch the eye of a recruiter? The fact for the Bucks to see that a player whose Draft rights they hold is potentially of interest to another team may well make them remind the Zetazunis of the man. If he were to stay in Europe, Hugo could try to find a place in a club qualified for the big European deadlines. This is one of the ways to enjoy maximum visibility with the eyes of across the Atlantic. In any case, working on his basketball and growing physically will undoubtedly be the key to one day having the chance to see Hugo evolve with an NBA tunic on his shoulders.

Come on Hugo, we must not lower our heads but rather take the news as an opportunity to work even harder before joining the NBA. At only 21, there’s still time to go play at Uncle Sam’s.

Source : Twitter @eric_nehm

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