“Chatchat” reveals that in one month, “the Bangkok governor” is working hard and does not ask for self-assessment.

Mr.Chatchat Sitthiphan, Governor of Bangkok “Governor of Bangkok” Referring to the case of working in the past “1 month” that the past month is considered to be fully done, there is no time to rest, only last night was rested As for the assessment, the public must be the judge. Personally, I would like to hear all comments. that people reflect By the view that everyone, including the group of civil servants, is working hard because our duty is to serve the people But he probably wouldn’t assess himself because he wasn’t right.

“We believe that 217 policies can be implemented in a timely manner. The policy that has not yet been made and must urgently take action, namely, waste problems which is considered a big deal that everyone is talking about including the matter of the BTS SkyTrain concession that is close to being finalized Both of which are delicate matters. As for the flood issue, it now seems to have progressed a lot.” Mr.Chatchat specify

As for the case where it was reflected that elections should be held in every province after Mr. Chatchat’s phenomenon, Mr. Chatchat thought that it depends on each person’s point of view. must be considered in the big picture but looks like it makes people awake which has a simple idea that I have to serve those who have chosen me. But people may think that other governors Having moved around makes people think that they want someone who is associated with the area. but believes that the governor who is appointed If you intend to work visit the area continuously able to respond to the people can win people’s hearts as well It depends on how it works.

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The reporter asked at Mr. Chatchat speaking at Thammasat University that he is still a candidate for the Prime Minister Will it be possible to see Mr. Chatchat as Prime Minister in the next four years? Mr.Chatchat Answered that there was nothing, just joking, insisting that he was not an ambitious person. Just look at the terms of the Constitution as strange. whose name is in the prime minister’s candidacy and cannot resign I myself do not know where to resign. in which the next 4 years have been dropped from the position at the end of the government semester

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“Now take the governor first. The governor hasn’t survived yet. Focus here. Don’t think about anything else. The local governor is not a large-scale, so let’s do this right first.”

Reporters asked about Mr. Chatchart’s meeting with Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha, many of whom viewed that the Prime Minister’s attitude was softened. Mr. Chatchat replied that there was nothing, working together. don’t think like that The Prime Minister also works in managing the big picture. As for himself, he is like his subordinate.

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