Husband is heartbroken, wife loses clothes and doesn’t tell “Leave the accumulated bank” over 3.6 hundred thousand that are secretly tucked away

The tragic story of a 57-year-old Singaporean man surnamed Zhou, a taxi driver living in Marsiling, suddenly loses his savings. 1.4 thousand Singapore dollars (3.67 hundred thousand baht) unexpectedly The incident took place on September 30 while his wife cleaned the room in a big way. including throwing away old clothes that are no longer used Throw it in the trash under the flat. without knowing that One of my husband’s old long-sleeved shirts hascollectible banknotesS$1,000, a total of 14 cards that my husband hid in his pocket.

Mr Zhou explained that he likes to collect S$1,000 banknotes. and still keep collecting After Singapore’s central bank The banknotes of this value were discontinued last year. When your friend has a thousand dollar bill He will keep asking for the exchange, and withafraid of being stolen So I decided to hide it in my pocket. because I think it’s safe “But I forgot to tell my wife that these bills were tucked into old clothes. Keep it for so long that you don’t think there is any problem. I didn’t expect to lose it because of the closet.” Zhou told local media.

picture Shin Min Daily News

After learning that the shirt that kept the bank notes was missing from the closet. He and his wife hurried down to look at the trash under the flat.The old garment bag has disappeared. He knew that the chances of getting it back were very small. but notified the police It’s possible someone took that bag of clothes. and bring the notice to be posted Hopefully someone will come out with some information. The police confirmed they had been reported. and is investigating

according to Singapore law dishonest acquisition of property It’s a crime if you find $1 that you don’t know who owns it and keep it. It is not considered an offense under this section, butIf you find a bag with money inside I don’t know who it belongs to. Later, I found out who the owner was. but also used that money considered an offense andoffense of embezzlement or keep other people’s property for personal use without trying to find the owner May be imprisoned for up to two years, fined, or both remember and fine.

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Husband is heartbroken, wife loses clothes and doesn't tell

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