“I am” | Karen Schwarz announced her return to leading the program after the departure of Mathías Brivio: “I am excited and happy to start a new challenge”

After giving birth to your second baby, Karen Black she was not away from television for long. After his magazine “Show mode” was canceled, last November 28 reappeared in “I am“as co-host of the singing and imitation program.

“My adventure on television began almost nine years ago, you don’t know how nervous I felt from day one. Today I feel the same emotion and joy of starting a new challenge with my family of ‘I am‘”he wrote on his Instagram account.

Her husband Ezio Oliva He gave her all his support by leaving the message “very proud of you.”

As you remember, Karen Black debuted as co-host of “I am“in 2012, next to Adolfo Aguilar. He remained there until 2015 and then returned in 2018.

The entry of the model is given after the departure of Mathías Brivio, who walked away from the copycat show to host the new nightspot “Better Later.” So now Schwarz will pair with Cristian Rivero. She will be behind the scenes to chat with the participants before they go out to demonstrate their talent in front of the jurors Ricardo Morán, Johanna San Miguel, Maricarmen Marín and Katia Palma.


“Show mode” is no more, so confirmed Latina in an official statement. The show program, which was hosted by Karen Black, it was canceled this week; but the channel rejected that it was due to a subject of low rating.

The air outlet is not due to a rating issue. It has been a decision discussed in good terms by the programming and content management, production management and the host, ”he said in the message.

Days ago, according to figures from Ibope Media, “Show mode” dropped by 2.6 audience points, being surpassed by its competitions at the same time as the Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter program or the space “On everyone’s lips”, Broadcast by América Televisión.


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