“I exceeded the limit”: Téo Lavabo makes his mea culpa after his inappropriate behavior towards a fan

This Sunday July 3, singer Téo Lavabo made his mea culpa on social networks after the publication of a controversial video. We discover his inappropriate behavior with a fan, who wanted to take a picture with him.

“I am shocked myself to see my behavior after reading your feelings”. In a message published on Sunday, Téo Lavabo apologized to a user who, the same day, had shared a video sequence on Twitter. In this video, we see the young woman posing for a selfie alongside the singer, who suddenly slides his finger into her cleavage, grabs her bustier and lowers it.

be vigilant and take care of yourself. I wanted to take a picture with @TeoLavabo and his behavior towards me was very bizarre. I didn’t know how to react but I think the best thing to do is to talk about it. pic.twitter.com/OdAvOXKJlJ

– Lyna (@Lyn4aa) July 3, 2022

The gesture causes an outcry

The victim not being consenting, she warned Internet users about the inappropriate behavior of the one who was revealed in the program La France a unincredible Talent on M6 in 2020. The main interested party reacted this Sunday and wanted to present his excuses: The whimsical artist assures “understanding the legitimate discomfort” of the young woman.

“For once, I exceeded the limit, it was disrespectful, I can see it. I don’t want to trivialize this kind of behavior at all. I advocate every day the freedom of eachbut this time I have harmed your freedom and your modesty”.

The singer of hit ‘Chipolata’, which has more than 42 million views, concluded, “I apologize to you without expecting you to accept it. I deserved a good slapwe’re not going to lie to each other”.

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