“I thought it was a hoax”

For years, Claudio has been a retiree with a passion for hiking and leads a peaceful life in Moirans. But last February, the 79-year-old Frenchman was surprised to receive a fine of 67 euros for prohibited parking in Bruges. Indeed, he never set foot in Bruges or Belgium.

“When I opened the envelope, I thought it was a hoax, I almost threw it in the trash. We have never set foot in Belgium or Bruges. We lead a quiet life and suddenly, wreckage. It’s someone who committed the offense and it’s someone else who comes to pay. It’s absurd, ”he explains at the microphone of RMC.

However, it is Claudio’s registration number that appears on the report. He therefore filed a complaint with the police for identity theft and contested the fine. Obviously insufficient, since he received two reminder letters and must now pay 140 euros. Claudio has several pieces of evidence implying that he was present in Moirans that day, but nothing helps.

The Belgian police, contacted by RMC, reacted to this story: “I checked with my colleagues and it’s a real fine. So we don’t understand why he says he wasn’t there. Maybe someone else used his car, I don’t know. »

It was finally our colleagues from RMC who understood the origin of the problem. The agent who noticed the offense indicated that it was a French license plate, when in fact it was Italian. The information was communicated to Claudio as well as to the West Flanders public prosecutor’s office. The pensioner should not, a priori, plead his case.

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