“Idalia” will probably become a hurricane – Florida is preparing

2023-08-28 23:14:18

The US state of Florida prepares for the arrival of a hurricane. Tropical storm Idalia, whose center is currently southwest of Cuba and is moving north from there, is expected to develop into a hurricane, according to the US hurricane center NHC. “Idalia” is expected to make landfall Wednesday morning (local time) as a category three (of five) hurricane on Florida’s west coast, the hurricane center said.

Hurricane and storm surge warnings have been issued for parts of the coast. In Tampa Bay, among other places, there was a risk of life-threatening flooding as a result of the storm. Hurricane-like winds and heavy rains were already expected on Monday evening (local time) at the western tip of Cuba. These could lead to flash floods, flooding and landslides, it said. The hurricane center also issued a warning for the Cuban province of Pinar del Rio, where the strength of the storm was slowly approaching hurricane levels.

Florida residents should “prepare now for heavy rains, flooding and power outages,” state Gov. Ron DeSantis wrote on Twitter (X) on Monday. The airport in Tampa announced that it would temporarily stop flight operations from Tuesday due to “Idalia”. In some districts, people have already been asked to leave their homes.

US President Joe Biden pledged full support to the US state. Heavy rains and storms are also expected in the interior and on the east coast of Florida.

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