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With a 13,000 square meter store in Bogotá and two stores projected for 2024 in Cali and Medellín, Ikea is preparing to launch its operations in Colombia.

This chain of household items was born in 1943, among its main products are the interior decoration, furniture, dining tables, utensils such as crockery and elements for outdoor decoration.

This business conglomerate has 420 stores in more than 50 markets e will start operations in Colombia and Peru between 2023-2024, this thanks to an agreement with the Falabella group.

“Falabella brings his vast experience in the development and successful operation of retail businesses. Together we are determined to make Ikea valued and meaningful for customers and society”, said Maria Johansson, Expansion Manager of Inter Ikea Systems BV at the time.

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The store is present in Asia, Europe, the United States, Oceania, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay. In their catalog of products, they offer articles for decorating home interiors, accessories, sofas, dining tables, bedding, organizers and storage, and home office elements, as well as bathroom implements, tableware, and kitchen utensils. .

Inside the catalogue, product names are kept in Swedish“beds are called Slattum (double) and Utaker (single). Dining tables are called Ekedalen, shelves are Burhult, and desks for the home are Micke,” says American Retail.

The Swedish company has been well received in the markets thanks to the assortment that meets the needs of each client. According to his page in Chile, “sells solutions that fit small spacesto products that allow you to organize your day-to-day life and that, in addition, promote a shared life with children”.

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