Importance of public security in Mexico

In an interview with La Tarde de NTN24, Cesar Gutiérrez Priego, criminal lawyer, specialist in military law and security, referred to the participatory exercise in the year 2023 on the Army and the National Guard in Mexico.

The government of Mexico disclosed the details of the citizen participation exercise on public security which will not be organized by the National Electoral Institute and will not be binding either.

It will be in the month of January of the year 2023 when the Mexicans will be questioned on various issues related to public safetyagainst the performance of the National Guard, the security tasks in the streets, that is to say that they do not return to the barracks and that they remain under the command of the Secretary of National Defense.

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For his part, Cesar Gutiérrez Priego assured that It is important that Mexican society expresses its opinion regarding the cooperation that the armed forces should have permanently against public safety.

“There cannot be a popular consultation for each Mexican constitution, it does not allow it on issues that have to do with national security and the functioning of the permanent armed force, I think that the president is using this to pressure so that the reforms can be approved. what they’re looking for,” he said.

Priego stated that the need for there to be a permanent Armed Force to deal with the criminal groups that exist in various regions of the countryis in sight since the opposition does not reach negotiations, but on the contrary, it goes against what the Federal Government offers.

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“A citizen consultation is sought so that the opposition political groups understand what is the need that exists in the country, in matters of public security there are 87% of crimes of which the states must give results,” he said.

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Faced with the issue, the Secretary of the Interior of Mexico, Adán Augusto López, stressed the importance of listening to the opinion of Mexicans and that this was not a simple consultation.

“We are going to listen to the opinion of the people on matters of public security, as the president has rightly mentioned, it is not really a consultation, but rather an exercise in social participation,” assured López.

under that premise members of the president’s opposition warn that it is illegal and a distraction from the poor results of the López Obrador government on safety matter.

“We already know the result, an immense majority of an immense minority that will go to vote in ballot boxes installed by Morena and the government will say what AMLO wants: that the soldiers stay in the streets and that the National Guard be part of SEDENA” said the former head of the National Electoral Institute, Luis Carlos Ugalde. newsroom

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