IMSS administers medicine without health registration; Cofepris responds

MEXICO CITY.- People with diabetes in Mexico receive a medication without health registration, granted by the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), as reported by the creator of content focused on political analysis, Vero Teigeiro.

The medication in question is a brand of dapagliflozina to treat diabetes mellitus, which is not approved by the Federal Commission for the Protection against Health Risks (Cofepris) and there is even a health alert for said product.

IMSS administers medicine without health registration: Vero Teigeiro

Vero Teigeiro denounced that the medication Dapoza brand dapagliflozin It does not have approval from Cofepris, the same institution that issued a health alert against the product because it has not passed the evaluations to consider it safe to distribute.

According to their research, IMSS hospitals in Mexico City (CDMX), Queretaro y Sonora are supply Dapoza despite not having a health record with Cofepris.

It also points out that the medicine comes from India and distributed in Mexico by the Gamalop International Pharmaceutical Groupwhich emerged in 2021 and is currently on Cofepris’ list of irregular distributors.

In Cofepris records, said pharmacist declares that she is located at an address in Puebla that does not appear in Google Maps neither him INEGIwhich could suggest a shell company dedicated to “medicine laundering.”

According to CompraNet data, Dapoza has the seal of Proveglia SA de CV, This is the company responsible for supplying this brand of dapagliflozin to hospitals and pharmacies in the IMSS.

In addition, Dapoza has a high cost of more than two thousand 300 pesos to acquire.

Teigeiro’s investigation indicates that since 2023, the MSS has concluded 52 direct purchase contracts for 218 million pesos with Proveglia, which is not in the registry of irregular distributors.

Through these contracts with Proveglia, the IMSS has acquired approximately more than 43 thousand units of Dapoza brand dapagliflozin for a total of 58 million pesos; These contracts occurred in CDMX, Querétaro and Sonora.

It should be noted that the dapagliflozin de AstraZeneca (Forxiga) is the only diabetes medication with health registration with Cofepris, with a cost of less than 1,500 pesos in pharmacies in the country.

Likewise, it was reported that by not having the health record with Cofepris Dapoza it does not specify its content, which represents a risk to the health of diabetic patients who receive it in IMSS hospitals.

@veroteigeiro Medication without registration of Cofepris in the IMSS pharmacies. And by consulting documents from the government’s own platforms, I found a medicine, Dapoza (dapagliflozin) that can pass through customs without problems even if it does not have Cofepris registration, and can then be sold to the IMSS and distributed by them. A network of multi-level corruption where it is urgent to return to the question: is it worth defending politicians more than your health or the health of your family? #morena #aprendeentiktok #analysis #community #sociedad #policy #always #mexico #longervideos #elections2024 #health #imss #amlo #medicines ♬ original sound – Vero Teigeiro

Cofepris responds to complaint against the IMSS

After the complaint in social networks against the IMSS for administering a medication to treat type 2 diabetes mellitus not approved by Cofepris, it responded and assured that it is a “temporary measure” that is within the legal framework.

Cofepris assured that since January 28, 2020 it opened the possibility, on a “temporary basis” for the entry of medicines even without registration, although it recognized that the health alert issued against Dapoza in January 2024.

In its statement, it points out that the regulatory mechanism that allows immediate importation even if they do not have a registry in the country has the purpose of “allowing the public sector to access supplies quickly.”

The measure would be applicable to the immediate importation of medical supplies from countries with comparable regulatory standards.

According to Cofepris, these products are certified by authorities such as the European Medicines Agencythe United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Swissmedic and the Health Canadaamong other.

“It is important to note that this immediate import measure is temporary, since the agreement establishes that the importer must submit its registration application in Mexico, which is why it is not exempt from complying with current health legislation.”

He also highlighted the collaboration with the IMSS to supervise the import and distribution of these supplies.

Following Cofepris’ response, the content creator reported other irregularities and questioned said institution and the IMSS about them, asking that they be clarified. So far they have not given a response.

@veroteigeiro More from Dapoza and the IMSS giving unregulated medicines. Both IMSS and Cofepris released separate statements about the case and do not resolve the issue of unregulated diabetic medications. I leave you more questions here and I ask you to help us tag them so that we have communications with the answers to these questions. #medicines #amlo #imss #health #elections2024 #longervideos #mexico #always #policy #sociedad #community #analysis #aprendeentiktok ♬ original sound – Vero Teigeiro

Vero Teigeiro I raise the same questions in Twitternow ‘X’.

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