In 2023 they will open the Medicine career at the University for Well-being in Durango – El Sol de Durango

The Medicine and Community Health career will open next year at the Benito Juárez University for Welfare, which is located in the municipality of Tepehuanes, said Ivan Ramírez Maldonado, head of the Welfare Secretariat in Durango.

In the entity, two universities for Well-being operate, one in the municipality of Cuencamé and the other in Tepehuanes, with an enrollment of 326 students, indicated the federal official.

He emphasized that the pandemic brought consequences to all educational instances and the “Benito Juárez” Universities were no exception, therefore the activity is being regularized, thanks to the fact that all the students of these campuses are receiving scholarships in the Youth Writing the Future program.

This scholarship grants 3,800 pesos every two months, which allows students to sustain part of their economy, and also the institution grows in infrastructure.

He pointed out that the University of Cuencamé offers engineering in sustainable regional development to an enrollment of 195 students, while Tepehuanes currently offers community forestry engineering to 135 students and soon comprehensive medicine and community health, for which it is estimated that the number of young people interested in continuing their studies is greater.

Bimonthly these universities show an economic benefit of one million 597 thousand 400 pesos, which is a benefit for the municipalities where they are installed.

To conclude, Ramírez Maldonado invited young people to continue their university studies and learn about the educational offer of these universities.

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