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2023-04-18 13:39:58

In Belarus, the registration period for digital heating has been reduced, said Yury Miksyuk, director of the Republican Institute for Knowledge Control.

“The deadlines for registration for centralized testing this year have been somewhat reduced. If in previous years the procedure took place from May 2 to June 1, this year it starts from May 10,” Miksyuk said.

According to him, since registration is carried out through the website of the institute (RIKZ), this period is “quite enough”.

“You can go to the nearest testing point and register for participation in the DT at any point in the country. On the other hand, a significant part of the tests will be passed by the participants already at the stage of the centralized exam,” Miksyuk added, quoted by BelTA.

He also said that the structure of tests has also changed this year.

“The structure of the test this year has undergone certain changes. During the year, everyone could get acquainted with them either during the rehearsal testing or during the rehearsal of the centralized exam. Part A – where you need to choose ready-made answers – has decreased. Part B – where it is necessary to construct a response and write it down, it has increased,” recalled the director of the RIKZ.

“Assignments in terms of complexity are designed in such a way that it is possible to check only the school curriculum without going beyond it. Students do not need to demonstrate additional knowledge. They will only need knowledge for the basic course of the school curriculum,” says Miksyuk.

He explained that this year’s graduates will have only three certificates in their hands.

“The graduate will not be able to have more this year. Therefore, graduates of the current year who pass two tests and receive two certificates of the centralized examination will be able to participate in one test – register for centralized testing. But graduates of previous years will be able to participate in three tests, i.e. . register for three CTs,” Miksyuk said.

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