In light of the seventh wave of Corona… What are the symptoms of the two new sub-mutants?

Since the emergence of the Corona virus, there have been many changes and various mutations in it, which led to the emergence of new symptoms in several stages. Today, a wide spread of the BA.4 and ba.5 sub-mutants is recorded from South Africa, reaching Europe and the United States, while it is expected that they will also spread in Lebanon and in the countries of the region, given the rapid increase in infection rates for about a month.

What’s new in the new sub-mutants?

The Omicron mutant is still dominant in most countries of the world, but there has been a change in it recently, according to what was published in Medisite. It was found that the Omicron BA.2 sub-mutant was dominant in France, but the BA.5 sub-mutant is expected to become dominant with a high prevalence rate of the BA.4 sub-mutant recorded due to the rapid spread of these sub-mutants, because they can bypass the acquired immunity due to infection. Previous or after receiving the vaccine. The BA.4 and ba.5 mutant may be more causes of the new wave than the ba.2 sub-mutant, experts predict.

This mutation in the virus inevitably leads to a change in many aspects regarding the level of transmission rates and the severity of cases, in addition to the level of symptoms resulting from it. It seems that the high rates of infection with the virus and levels of vaccination, and thus acquired immunity, led to the confinement of the virus and its mutants in the upper respiratory tract, specifically at the level of the ear, nose and throat, according to what appeared with the spread of sub-mutants of Omicron.

The cases of patients today are completely different from those recorded at the beginning of the spread of the virus. With the emergence of the mutant, there was a change in the level of the severity of the virus, as patients complain of inflammation in the throat, and inflammation in the ears, and it seems that the acquired immunity prevents the transmission of the virus to the level of the lungs, as was the case previously, so it remains present at the level of the ears, nose and throat.

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On the other hand, it appears that patients suffer symptoms of the disease during a period ranging from 24 to 48 hours, before the condition begins to improve after that, while the risk remains for people who suffer from health problems or suffer from weak immunity, or those who did not receive the vaccine.

What are the symptoms of infection with any of the ba.4 and ba.5 submutants?

Fatigue in 75.5 percent of cases
– cough
– Hyperthermia
– Headaches
– Runny nose
Muscle aches
Throat aches

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