In Luxembourg: What is the tool that helps you complete your tax return worth?

“A flawless end-to-end operation of the assistant has always been guaranteed,” reassures the Ministry of Finance, about the new tax declaration tool. Last year, a small digital revolution was indeed underway, with the Myguichet tool guiding taxpayers to declare their income. Intuitive, it saves him pages of information that does not concern him, for example on children, rental income, etc.

A year later, the authorities draw a positive conclusion. “The MyGuichet assistant for the digital declaration was a great success last year”, summarizes a spokesperson. It would have “operated easily since its launch”, “without major problem” and therefore without hindering the declarations of people and companies. “As for any first version of a computer program, the new assistant was not free from small bugs, the adjustments and corrections of which were carried out immediately”.

The authorities do not keep statistics, but assure that declarations in PDF or on paper “remain equally popular”. Tax experts, like Patrick Malget, co-founder of, are more skeptical. He refers his customers to the PDF solution and believes that his own program “provides greater added value”. He notes that the government’s system does not allow “the calculation of the tax that is going to be refunded, the automatic import of tax certificates, tax advice and customer support”.

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