In Tigres we battled, in America it is another world: Katty Martínez

Mexico City /

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Katty Martinez arrived at Women’s America as the reinforcement ‘bomb’, coming from female tigers, the best team so far in what has been created in the League.

But nevertheless, Katty Killer He revealed that in Las Amazonas there were deficiencies that Coapa does not have today, considering it to be another world and he is happy with his new team.

“We can talk about America being a club that has been around for many years; it’s the biggest in Mexico in terms of championships and well, I think that’s it. I don’t like to compare one club with another, but yes I know that I am in another world, the facilities are different I think that there (Tigres) we did struggle a little in all that and arriving here and being able to have everything at hand is very different and it is very much appreciated that I can have him here today”, he commented in an interview with Milenio.

Martínez is satisfied with her change, she wants to be a benchmark also in América, because she knows what is expected of her so much and seeks to raise the name of the team in the Liga MX Femenil.

“I think it’s destiny, I am a faithful believer that God’s times are perfect. Today I am here and I am grateful for that. America received me with open arms, I feel very valued; I hope I can give myself and give him the best version of Katty Martinez”.

“First of all, carrying this shield is a huge responsibility, but the fact of being in these facilities and realizing that there is another world outside of the one I thought was the only one, feeling protected, because they really welcomed me with open arms, I am going to be very grateful and I am going to give myself to the maximum for this team”, he underlined.

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