Incredible! What these 20 healthcare professionals have heard from patients.

2024-01-11 08:40:10

We all periodically turn to doctors, and sometimes not only our health, but also our lives depend on their skills. But they have to deal with chronic fatigue, burnout, and not always polite patients. We are sure that there are more good and responsible health workers than those described by the heroes of today’s selection.

  • There is a mandatory school medical examination, we are sitting in a crowd at the psychiatrist – several boys and two girls. We sit for a long time. The boys are shaking with fear. Because the psychiatrist holds each person for 15 minutes, asks for the multiplication tables, asks tricky logic problems, and so on. If they don’t answer anything, maybe take a pencil. Well, the boys are trembling, but I sit calm, anticipating how he will ask me questions. And so the boys passed, the girls remained, I went in first. He didn’t ask me anything, he said, go. I was like, “What do you mean? Where are the problems? And he says: “Oh, well, you girls don’t need much intelligence to cook porridge.”
  • I had a bone density scan done. After some time, the doctor came in and said that I had osteoporosis. I was very surprised, because I was in the hospital with absolutely no questions about this. In the end, it turned out that the doctor mixed up my card with the card of an elderly lady from the next ward. I didn’t have any problems related to bone density at all. © Curleysound / Reddit
  • I came to the hospital complaining of fever and body pain. During the appointment, I told the doctor that I was allergic to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and he said that he would find something else for me. Then I returned home, took the prescribed medicine, and immediately began to have an allergic reaction. I barely made it to the emergency room, where they pumped me full of all sorts of drugs. When another doctor asked why I took a drug to which I was allergic, I told him about the first dose. It seems to me that in the end he wrote a complaint against that doctor, because after this incident I did not see him. © bearyken / Reddit
  • When I was 14-15 years old, I suffered from severe pain during every menstruation. Then one of the doctors suggested that I give birth as a solution to the problem. According to him, this should have corrected the situation. Nine years later I was diagnosed with endometriosis.
    © Katie Morgan / Quora
  • A friend of mine had debilitating migraines. The pain got to the point where she couldn’t work or do anything. She waited to see a doctor for almost a month. After a brief examination, the doctor said: “There is nothing wrong with you. Just exercise and the headaches will go away.” © wheresmychin / Reddit
  • I was pregnant. Two nurses took turns trying to take blood from my vein. The pulling of the tourniquet made me “float.” They oohed and aahed and laid me on the couch. A nurse came in with a bucket and took a look at it all. I immediately took blood in one go and went on about my business! © Chocolate cravassant / ADME
  • I was 14 years old. One day I had a severe stomach ache, I called my mother and she sent me to a therapist. The doctor was an elderly man. As soon as he heard my complaints, he said that the cause of the pain was menstruation. He assured me that I had nothing to worry about and sent me home. My grandmother found me there. My condition seriously alarmed her. She took her temperature and it turned out to be elevated. Then she listened to my story about the doctor, scooped me up and urgently took me to the doctor. There it turned out that I needed urgent surgery to remove my appendix. The surgeon told my grandmother that if we had waited another hour, the appendix would have simply burst. © Gail Olive / Quora
  • My doctor told me to drink soda to get rid of kidney stones.
    © Amber333 / Quora
  • I was admitted to the emergency room one day with a terrible fever and vomiting. The doctors examined me and said that I needed to have my appendix removed immediately. Since this hospital was not very good, I decided to have an “emergency operation” in another and hurried there. There, the doctors told me that I had a serious bacterial infection, and the appendix had nothing to do with it. © Maura12345 / Reddit
  • I was not feeling well as I had a severe and persistent cough. In trying to solve this problem, I visited many specialists – from an ENT specialist to an oncologist. And at the appointment, the ENT specialist said that in order to get rid of the cough, I just need to stop coughing. And it took him a lot of years at university to reach this wise conclusion. © Mike Gershowitz / Quora
  • I was sitting at an appointment with a dermatologist, and she told me: “I heard that you are a dentist. No one will come to you with skin like that! You need Botox, fillers and other procedures. And in general, you look much older than 30.” I was not at a loss: “If you had bothered to look at my chart, you would know that I am 45. I am an excellent dentist with healthy teeth. Goodbye!” © Nipa Sheth / Quora
  • They performed a caesarean section on me. They had already taken out the child and started stitching him up. Two doctors communicate with each other while working: “Oh, look, the appendix has come out. Let’s cut it off?” At that moment it seemed to me that they would really cut it off, and I told them: “I don’t need to cut anything off!” And they look at me through the screen and cheerfully say: “We’re joking.” It wasn’t funny to me back then. © Tatyana Zaripova / ADME
  • There was one surgeon in my life. In response to my complaints about pain in my knees, he shrugged his shoulders and said: “Well, what will I do? Have something to drink. If it doesn’t help, well… go to the doctor.”

Visitors to clinics also have something to tell, this article is proof of that.

  • One day I had an ingrown toenail. At the appointment, the doctor tried to cut it and pick it out with something like pliers. However, he did not use any painkillers. It was incredibly painful. In the end, it didn’t work out for him, and I had to go to an orthopedist. He numbed his finger and solved the problem in two minutes. In the end, he said never to go to the first doctor again. © Sam_i_am_68 / Reddit
  • The doctor told me: “Congratulations on your missed period. This is menopause.” I didn’t guess, it was pregnancy. Now I’m 49 and have a small child. © girlsgothustle / Reddit
  • A friend felt bad – they sent her to the doctors: an ENT specialist, a surgeon, a gynecologist. He goes to the gynecologist and complains, and she says: “Okay, wait, don’t you have sinusitis? The voice is so distinctive.” Yes, it turned out to be sinusitis. But the ENT specialist already had it, and he didn’t even notice the sinusitis. © Bet17 / Pikabu

Sometimes doctors have to deal with inexplicable phenomena at work: the sounds of a lullaby will be heard from one empty room, or the bed will suddenly disappear without a trace from another.

However, patients also sometimes get weird, as a selection of revelations from medical workers shows. Look at the dad who called an ambulance for his son and then called back, saying cancel the “order.”

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