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Given the increase in citizen reports in the Indecopi Special Monitoring Center (CEMI) on the promotion and sale of tests to detect the coronavirus, called “self-test covid-19”, the institution, in its capacity as National Authority for Consumer Protection , provides the following recommendations.

Buy the tests from formal providers of drug sales, registered in the National Registry of Establishments pharmacists.
Read the product label to verify that it has authorization from the General Directorate of Medicines, Supplies and Drugs (Digemid) and that it details the specificity and sensitivity of the test. Both data can be consulted in the following link.

Take into account the proper use at the time of taking the sample, since the poorly executed procedure reduces the effectiveness of the test.

Indecopi has also requested the Ministry of Health for guides or instructions with recommendations for the correct use of the aforementioned product in order to contribute with the respective dissemination through its communication channels.

Sale of generic drugs

In the Indecopi CEMI, shortages and price increases of generic drugs have also been reported. In this sense, the institution exhorted the providers to respect the norms of protection and defense of the consumer and the fulfillment of their obligations, which are the following:

Provide adequate information on the stock of products and not privilege the sale of brand-name drugs over generic ones.

Charge the prices previously informed.

Round prices always in favor of consumers.

Comply with the conditions offered for the delivery service.

In the case of generic products, pharmacies and drugstores are obliged to keep them available or demonstrate their sale.

Indecopi urges suppliers to avoid behaviors that promote speculation and the hoarding of these products, which are so necessary for the fight against COVID-19, behaviors that also constitute crimes according to the Penal Code.

Likewise, it reminds consumers that they can access the list of reference prices of medicines through the Product Observatory Pharmacists of the Ministry of Health

Also, as the National Authority for Consumer Protection, ask the Ministry of Health and to the Digemid act to control and monitor compliance with regulations current.

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Posted: 1/17/2022


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