Indian Equestrian Team Surprises with Gold Medal at Asian Games 2023

2023-09-26 20:34:49

Ansar.S.Raj from Hwangcho | Wednesday 27 September, 2023 | 2:04 AM

A gold medal on horseback defied expectations on day three of the Asian Games. The last time India won a medal in Equestrian was at the 1986 Asian Games. It was bronze. The last time they won gold was in 1982 when Delhi hosted the Asiad. Sudipti Haleja, Divyakriti Singh, Vipul Chedda and Anush Agarwala won the medal which was far away for a long time yesterday. The Indian riders pulled the reins to the gold, trailing the hosts China. The Indian team scored 209.205 points. The Chinese team managed to score only 204.882 points. Bronze went to Hong Kong China.

Neha won the expected medal yesterday in the sailing that has been going on for the past few days. There were a total of 11 races in the ILCA-4 category for girls’ dinghy boats. Neha was assured of silver when the 11th race was completed yesterday. Ibad Ali’s bronze is India’s first medal in windsurfing. Malayali P. Madhu is the coach of the Indian team in sailing.

What disappointed India the most yesterday was volleyball and Judo’s draw. A straight-sets defeat against Pakistan, if not for a medal in volley, turned out to be a sad affair. Commonwealth Games silver medalist Tulika’s defeat was unexpected. Tulika defeated the Chinese player 10-0 in the pre-quarters and lost to the Japanese player by the same score in the quarters. He then won the Repashage round and qualified for the bronze medal match, but lost to Mongolian Adiasuran.

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In hockey, India defeated Singapore, who were weak by 16 goals, while in boxing, Narender reached the quarterfinals in the men’s 92 kg category. In the fifth round of women’s chess, Koneru Hampi beat Uzbekistan’s Nilufar while D. Harika beat Vietnam’s Thi Kim Phung.

Father’s medal
Son’s too

21 years ago at the Busan Asian Games, Inderpal Singh Son Parminder falls to his knees after winning bronze It was just beginning. Wasam Hwangcho won the bronze medal in Asian Games Roving. Father Indarpal, Indian team was there. As a reviewer of
First Indian to win Asian Games medal in Roving They are the owners of the rare achievement of father and son. Indarpal and Parminder. Indarpal 2002 Busan Asian Ge. He won bronze in the cockless four event at Yims. 23 Ranaya Parminder Men’s Quadruple Sculls Team Rich. He is one of India’s first Olympic rowing stars. Indarpal. Indarpal competed in the 2000 Sydney Olympics. .then returning to coaching.
India beat Pakistan in squash
Yesterday morning, the women’s section competed in the first round of squash. India defeated Pakistan 3-0. Anahat Singh, India is a team consisting of Joshna Chinnappa and Tanvi Khanna. In the first match of Pool A. Hatt defeated Sadia Gul 11-6, 11-6, 11-3. Joshna defeated Nurul Huda Sadiq 11-2, 11-5, 11-7 Now Tanvi beat Nurul Ain 11-3, 11-6, 11-2. Today, India will play Nepal in the second match of Pool A. Directly.
In the Men’s Pool A match, India played SIM today. The score of 3-0 was also defeated by Gabpur. Harinder They are Pal Singh Sandhu, Sourav Ghoshal and Abhay Singh. Wins for India

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What is dressage?

Dressage is one of the main competitions in horse racing.
Horse Gymnastics and Athletics Things that are refined with excellence Skill in cooking is also appreciated. How little effort is needed by the people who are out there? Kumo’s horse wins.
Riders need more effort to control. It will be behind the point
European horses are mainly used for dressage. do
Only consistently trained horses can compete. Use it
.He brought his own horse by cargo plane for competitions abroad. , is equipped with food in a special casket. Taking.
Horses often develop health problems due to ewe travel. There are people.

Silver with a boat
A farmer’s daughter in light

In a typical farming family in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh A seventeen-year-old girl named Neha Thakur died yesterday. India’s pride won silver medal in Yeling. I.L.C. has 11 races using dinghy boats. Neha’s Friday was in A-4 competition. Yesterday was 11 – Completed the 1st race.
He excelled in all races except the fifth race. Neha scored 27 net points and reached the second position. .Nepposan of Thailand won the gold in Bhopal. Neha conducted the examination at the National Sailing School. that

And the Chullans of Pakistan
And girls in China

Against Pakistan at Textile City Stadium Volleyball Court Sadness of India’s loss in Raya Matsarat A place to talk between Ngumbol players and journalists A group of volunteers near the mixed zone. Stand with enthusiasm to congratulate the Pakistan team. Most of the volunteers are girls. Come and take a selfie to photograph the arrival of the Pakistan team. Everyone is standing with a mobile phone.
If it was not a medal match, but because India was defeated. Pakistan was more excited than winning the gold. Arrival of colors. The girls waiting for them. When you see it, there is also Ladu in the Pak Chekans, who are good at it. Potti. The Czechs will shake hands with fans and take selfies. Armada started. Finally the coach reached the players. Driven and taken in the team bus. This must be because there is no throne to stand on. At that time, the Indian team had vacated the field.
When they beat Korea last day, in front of the press. Indian Chief Coach Jaideep Sarka who spent a lot of time R went to the dressing room saying that he didn’t tell anyone yesterday. It was boiling.

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