Indian goes abroad for legal suicide; Do not allow friend

Delhi, First Published Aug 13, 2022, 9:50 AM IST

Suicide is a legal offense in our country. That is why the police even deal with those who attempt suicide. But due to humanitarian considerations only steps like counseling are taken in such cases.

In some foreign countries, suicide is accepted due to the law. In Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada and the Netherlands, there is no legal barrier to euthanasia. If it is for medical reasons, Switzerland, Germany, and the US states of Oregon, California, Montana, Colorado, and Washington DC all accept suicide by law.

But as mentioned earlier, suicide is not allowed in India. So now an Indian is about to fly to Switzerland to commit suicide according to the law. But he is preparing for this by hiding the information that this journey is to end his life even from the authorities.

The incident came to light when his friend approached the Delhi High Court requesting that he not be allowed to travel. He is in his fifties and has been receiving treatment for ‘Myalgic Encephalomyelitis’ (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) for years.

It is a disease that gradually destroys health in a variety of ways, including unusual fatigue, sleep problems, and pain. It is usually seen mostly in women. Genetic factors or environmental factors can predispose a person to this disease. It cannot be cured by treatment. Relief can only be found by solving and controlling the problems caused by the disease with medical help.

In this case, the patient, who has been infected since 2014, is currently bedridden most of the time. He can only walk a little in the room. He himself decided that death was the only option after the disease had weakened him.

But the complainant points out that his elderly parents, relatives and friends will not be able to include anything. There is still a chance to cure him at least a little through treatment. Similarly, he is going to Switzerland on false pretenses, which is illegal. The complainant has asked the court to deny him travel permission.

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