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In the last few years, there are many such news in the media, in which the youth have died due to excessive use of video games, but now the news of the death of a young man from the game Bluewell has come to light.

A 20-year-old Indian student reportedly committed suicide during the Blue Whale Challenge.

According to NDTV, the 20-year-old student was studying at the American University of Massachusetts, but the student’s body was found on March 8.

However, now that the investigation has revealed that the teenager may have died by suicide, Bristol County District Attorney Greg Meliott said the case is also being treated as a suicide.

According to Indian media, the young student has reportedly died while completing the challenge during the Bluewell game. There are 50 levels in this game with different dares to complete.

According to Indian media, the 20-year-old student held his breath for 2 minutes.

However, in this regard, Meliot said that there is currently no information in this game and the death of the student. This case is also being seen as suicide. We are currently awaiting the final reports of the medical results.

2024-04-20 12:24:34

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