Instagram tests tools to protect minors from blackmail with intimate photos – 2024-04-13 00:30:40


Instagram tests tools to protect minors from blackmail with intimate photos

Meta announced on Thursday, April 11, new measures on Instagram to protect minors from blackmail with intimate photos through a function that will blur nudes in direct messages.


Meta announces measures to protect against ‘sextortion’. (Free Press Photo. AFP)

Specifically, this function, configured by default in minors’ accounts, will automatically detect nude images received through the app’s messaging and blur them.

“In this way, the recipient is not exposed in an unwanted way to intimate content and has the option of whether or not to see the image,” he explained to the AFP Capucine Tuffier, head of child protection at Meta France.

Likewise, messages will be sent to the sender and recipient of said images to raise awareness about the problem of blackmail with intimate photos, also known as “sextortion.”

“The goal is to reduce the creation and sending of these types of images,” Tuffier said.

What will happen to accounts that send nude images?

Furthermore, once an account has been identified by Meta’s artificial intelligence tools as a possible source of this type of blackmail, its interactions with underage users will be severely restricted.

You will not be able, for example, to send private messages to a minor’s account, you will not have access to the latter’s complete list of followers and minors’ accounts will not appear in the search bar, Tuffier explained.

Meta will also warn young users if they come into contact with a possible blackmailer. The minor will then be directed to a dedicated site called “Stop Sextortion” and will have access to a helpline in collaboration with associations.

When will the new measures be enabled on Instagram

These new measures They will be tested starting in May in a handful of countries in Central and Latin America, before rolling out worldwide in the coming months.

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