“International School Carinthia” celebrates its first graduates in 5 minutes

In his eulogy, LH Peter Kaiser (SPÖ), today is not only a very special one for the ISC, but also for Carinthia. “Carinthia is proud to have such an internationally oriented school in the center of the country, because it underscores our claim to be a modern and cosmopolitan region in the heart of Europe. In recent years it has been possible to equip Carinthia as an educational location with a comprehensive range of offers, which is the basic prerequisite for being able to succeed as a location for business, research and innovation, industry and tourism.

Important role for Carinthia

“The ISC plays an important role here because it is a visible expression of the new Carinthia, which sees its role as a strong and reliable partner in association with the neighboring countries in the Alpe-Adria region in a united Europe,” says Kaiser, who is responsible for allen Congratulated the graduates on their success and gave the young people a quote from Gerhard Hauptmann to take with them: “As soon as someone has become a master in one thing, they should become a student in a new one.”

Monika Kircher, chairwoman of the ISC association, described the awarding of the diplomas as a very emotional moment and thanked all parents for their trust in the school and the teachers. Stable partners have been found for the joint path, and the graduates can be proud of what they have achieved.

This is the ISC

As a Catholic private school with an “organizational statute”, the ISC offers both the “International Baccalaureate” programs and Austrian degrees. This means that there is still permeability to other Austrian school types such as elementary school, new middle school, AHS and later BMHS. The school fee per student is 350 euros per month, making the ISC by far the cheapest international school in Austria. Scholarships are available for children from socially disadvantaged households. The ISC accommodates students of twelve different nationalities, two thirds come from Carinthia. The teaching staff is international and represents seven different nations. First language at the ISC is English.

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