Introducing Jaxon Knotek: The Newest Addition to Melilla Ciudad del Deporte Enrique Soler!

2023-08-17 14:51:00

The CD Enrique Soler office continues to work piecemeal. On this occasion, the collegiate club has just closed the player Jaxon Knotek.


He is a 198 centimeter, 23-year-old American player who develops his basketball on the perimeter, penetrating hard towards the hoop when the situation requires it.

A forward with a past in the North Dakota State Bison, where he spent 3 seasons until, 21-22, he reached the American University Eagles of the NCAA1, where he played two seasons, averaging 6 points and 3 rebounds in his last year.

A very fast player with a great ability to build his arm who comes to the Melilla team to do his bit in the project for this 23-24 season. In addition to his great shot from any position, Knotek can help the team by making the 4.

We welcome Jaxon Knotek to Melilla Ciudad del Deporte Enrique Soler from LEB Plata!!


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