LIVE – League of Nations: drawing lots for groups … What opponents for the Blues?

Holders of the title, Didier Deschamps’ players are obviously part of the A league and the first hat. Thus, they will certainly avoid Belgium, Italy and Spain, all members of the last four a few weeks ago. Winner in 2019 at the end of the first edition, Portugal is on the other hand one of … Read more

Giroud deplores the role of the media following his remarks towards Mbappé

Olivier Giroud spoke at length to the Guardian on the France team, its relationship with Benzema and the controversy with Mbappé before the Euro. Sunday evening, Olivier Giroud was not on the lawn of San Siro for the victory of the France team against Spain in the final of the League of Nations (1-2). Discarded … Read more

successful reconquest operation for the Blues

TO ANALYSE – By winning the competition, the French team relaunched for the 2022 World Cup. The Euro is digested. From our special correspondent in Milan The League of Nations does not have the importance or the beauty of a Euro, let alone a World Cup, the general public barely understands how it works, but, … Read more

Karim Benzema, the return of the boss

Decisive and author of a masterful goal against Spain, the Blues striker has definitely regained his place with the Blues. You had to see him like a kid seize the trophy of the League of Nations, multiply the accolades with his partners, inhale with delight one last time the light and joyful atmosphere that emanated … Read more

the favorites and claws of our special correspondent

Find the good and bad points delivered by Baptiste Desprez, special envoy of Figaro in Milan for the final of the League of Nations. Special Envoy in Milan Favorites Benzema’s jewel One of the great men of the evening. With a fabulous goal scored in the wake of the Spanish opening scoring, Karim Benzema splashed … Read more

League of Nations – “We always thirst for trophies”: The French radiant, the Spaniards annoyed

Find the reactions of the various players in the League of Nations final between France and Spain. Paul Pogba (midfielder) : “We started badly… Another first period where we were dominated by Spain, we had to react after a goal, we scored two minutes later… We have to do better, we know, but the result … Read more