Intrusion into the quarry at Mont-sur-Marchienne: the dispute turns into a bloodbath, two seriously injured and several arrests

The second did the same. The two opponents both left the quarry to meet along the railroad.


Witnesses called police reporting individuals smeared with blood. The brawl continued in the territory of Montigny-le-Tilleul until one of the two men collapsed. The other fled despite his many injuries to hide behind the refugee center.

Several police officers from the Botha, Trieu and Germinalt zones intervened, as well as the railway police. Two ambulances and two SMURs descended on the scene.

During their investigation on the spot, the police questioned the people accompanying the two protagonists but they refused any collaboration claiming not to know the individuals. However, it turns out that one of the women was pregnant with one of the two, another was his cousin.

Finally, the fugitive was arrested and the police also found that he was the subject of a wanted poster. He was escorted to the hospital by the police. His pregnant partner was also wanted. She was also arrested on the spot.

This umpteenth fight was added to the fed up repeatedly expressed by the residents. Several complaints and petitions have already been brought to the attention of the police and local authorities.

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