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iOS 16.0.2: Apple releases new update that will correct bugs | iPhone | cell phones | nnda | nnni | SPORT-PLAY

by archyde

After several betas, the version finally came to light for the general public, which will incorporate innovative features such as screen customization, more widgets, among others.

However, due to certain bugs found in the iOS 16.1 beta, the recent update has been released. iOS 16.0.2 In order to correct the problems present in the. Since DEPOSIwe explain in detail what they are.


As announced on the website of Applethese are the errors found in the iPhone that will be solved with the new update:

  • The camera may shake and cause blurry photos from an external app in the iPhone 14 Pro y iPhone 14 Pro Max.
  • The iPhone screen may go completely black during the device setup process.
  • Then copying and pasting information from one app to another could cause a permission prompt to appear more times than intended.
  • When the mobile device restarts, VoiceOver may not appear.
  • Problems with the touch screens of some smartphone models such as iPhone X, iPhone XR and iPhone 11.

How to locate and delete duplicate photos on iPhone

  • The first step is to open the Photos app from your iPhone.
  • Then click on the option albumslocated at the bottom of the screen.
  • After this, until the option Utilities.
  • Now give the alternative Duplicates.
  • Next, all the photos you have duplicates will be displayed.
  • Select all the images you don’t want to store and click on Fuse.
  • Finally, confirm the action by clicking on merge items.

How to hide archived chats on iPhone

  • The first step is to open the app de WhatsApp from your iPhone.
  • Next, swipe left on the chat you want to archive.
  • After this, click on the option file.
  • You will see how the conversation was archived and it will appear in a top tab.
  • Now go to the Settings and click on Chats.
  • Finally, turn off the switch Keep chats archived.

With this, the Archived tab will disappear from your WhatsApp; however, it can always appear if you slide down the screen of your cell phone.

How to turn off WhatsApp notifications on an iPhone

  • The first thing you should do is enter Settings from your cell phone with iOS.
  • Then go to the Notification Center from the main menu.
  • Now, swipe down the screen and look for the app of WhatsApp.
  • Click on it and several options will appear.
  • Choose the ones you don’t want to appear as notifications and that’s it.

Another method that can be applied is from the WhatsApp application itself, so you must go to the settings and disable notifications.

So you can find recently deleted apps on iPhone

  • First, go to the app store from your smartphone.
  • In the interface, click on the circular icon of your profile, located in the upper right area.
  • Among the available options, select bought.
  • Next, click on Not on this iPhone.
  • Then you will see all the deleted apps that you downloaded.
  • Finally, you have the option to reinstall the app.

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