Iran seized ship ‘linked to Israel’ Tel Aviv threatens consequences

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps seized a ship that was “linked to Israel” near the Strait of Hormuz. Tel Aviv is already threatening Tehran with consequences for escalating the situation in the region.

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Special forces of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps descended from the helicopter onto the ship flying the Portuguese flag. The container ship was seized near the Strait of Hormuz.

According to the Iranian state agency IRNA, the unit is “linked to Israel” because it belongs to the company of an Israeli businessman.

According to Reuters, the seized ship is MSC Aries, owned by a company related to Zodiac Maritime, co-owned by Israeli businessman Eyal Ofer.

On Tuesday, the commander of the Iranian Navy of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Alireza Tangsiri, in a conversation with the Lebanese website al Mejdayin, which supports the terrorist Hezbollah, threatened Tehran to close the key Strait of Hormuz. He emphasized that such actions could be considered if Iran notices “any attempts by its adversaries to disrupt its activities in the region.”

The Strait of Hormuz, located in the narrowing of the Persian Gulf, is the only maritime connection of the Persian Gulf with the world ocean. Therefore, all shipping from the most important oil producers to their customers – mainly Asian, but also located in Europe – takes place through it.

It is estimated that 1/5 of the world’s crude oil exports passes through Hormuz. Iran has previously threatened to close the strait, using Hormuz as a strategic lever in its geopolitical maneuvers. If the strait separating the United Arab Emirates and Oman from Iran were to be closed, the price of oil would react very sharply.

Hezbollah fired over 40 rockets. Israeli army statement

Iran accused Israel of carrying out an attack on the consulate in Damascus on April 1. Important Iranian officials were killed in an attack in the Syrian capital. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps reported that the deaths included: the head of Iran’s elite Quds unit in Syria, Lebanon and Palestinian lands, Mohammad Reza Zahedi, and his deputy, Mohammad Hadi Haji Rahimi.

Tehran vowed revenge. The president of the United States said on Friday that he expected an Iranian attack on Israel in retaliation for an Israeli strike on his diplomatic mission in Damascus to happen “sooner rather than later.”

What’s more, the Wall Street Journal and Blomberg’s agency wrote on Friday that the attack would take place within 48 hours.

Referring to the Iranian seizure of a ship “linked to Israel,” Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari threatened that Iran would face consequences for escalating the situation in the region.

Iran will face consequences for its choice to further escalate the situation, the spokesman said. He added that Israel has increased its readiness to defend the country against “further Iranian aggression.” We are also prepared to respond, said Daniel Hagari.

Source: RMF24/PAP

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