Lyon-Brest: Brest residents cry scandal against arbitration

By beating Brest in the final moments of the match (4-3), Lyon made the most beautiful operation of this 29th day of Ligue 1. For its part, Stade Brestois is still second in the French championship but the Breton club is not did not appreciate the refereeing of Mathieu Vernice, who excluded Pierre Lees-Melou at the end of the match, and made it known. At the final whistle, Eric Roy did not hide his anger at the Prime Video microphone.

“There is a grotesque expulsion of Pierre Lees-Melou, I don’t know how it is possible to analyze this kind of situation where a player suffers a foul, he is on the ground, another comes to spear him, pick him up , and the referee does not protect the player who received the foul, who does not ask for anything, and he expels both… It’s a gag, it’s grotesque, he pointed out. There is only one who must be expelled, it is Nicolas Tagliafico What did Pierre Lees-Melou do? How is this possible with everything we put in place, the VAR and? all that? As for Steve Mounié’s action, who didn’t see the hand?”

Also questioned about this action, the Brest midfielder hopes that the red card “will be canceled” by the authorities. “I don’t touch him, my only fault is getting up quickly. I took a straight red and he got yellow, it’s incredible. I’m not going to talk about the referees, but the one today was complicated, it was complicated to communicate with him afterwards, I know I’m boring, I’m not going to be a crybaby either, but when we see the images again, it’s still hard, my red card is a bit. lunar, he noted. We will never win against arbitration. I am for the sound of arbitration. It would allow the debate to be open and that would calm everyone down.

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