Iraq has not recorded any infection with the new Corona mutant », the Iraqi News Agency

Baghdad – Conscious – Amna Al-Salami
Today, Saturday, the Ministry of Health announced that Iraq has not recorded infections with the new Corona virus, XBB.

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The Director of the Public Health Department, Riyad Al-Halfi, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “The Iraqi Ministry of Health imposed on those coming from China to submit a PCR examination that does not exceed 72 hours, and that the result of the examination is negative,” noting, “This procedure is similar to what The rest of the countries did it.
He added, “Iraq is free from any infection with the Corona mutant currently spreading in China and the United States, and it is naturally a sub-mutant of Omicron and its symptoms are mild, and the number of current infections in the country is within the limits of control, and in return we monitor the situation and in the event of any emergency or developments related to the Corona pandemic, there are procedures.” It can be done, but there are no signs currently prompting the ministry to take action.”
He added, “The health situation in Iraq is not what it was during the beginning of the pandemic, and the procedures are normal and do not resemble what was applied at the time, and the virus present in Iraq is the same and is not a mutation or a new virus in order to push the Ministry of Health to take strict measures.”
Experts confirm that the high number of corona infections in China is due to a new sub-mutant.
Global health experts say: A wave of the new Corona mutant XBB. 1.5 is currently spreading in China and the United States, and it is expected to spread widely in Europe as well in the coming weeks.

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