Is the smallpox vaccine completely effective against monkeypox?

The website European Medicines Agency (EMA) is analyzing potential treatments and vaccines available against monkeypoxafter the detection of dozens of cases in Europe in recent days.

The website vaccine authorized in Europe to protect against smallpox in adults is Imvanexfor which there are data on the prevention of monkeypox in animals. “Data has been collected in the past showing that smallpox vaccines can prevent monkeypox in animals. prevent monkeypox in humans,” the source adds.

This injection is given in two dosesat least 28 days apart.

For his part, professor of epidemiology at the European University of Valencia, Patricia Guillemexplained to Europa Press that people vaccinated against smallpox could have some degree of protectionalthough she pointed out that the immunity “does not last exactly the same in all people”.

This vaccine was previously licensed and also routinely administered, but he clarified that as it was a single vaccine it could have been reduced protection loadalthough others may retain lifelong immunity.

She also ruled out the possibility of the monkeypox outbreak reaching an epidemic stage. community transmission since to spread this disease, it would be necessary close contact which should be transported by liquids” from blood to sexual fluids« .

American vaccine

Another vaccine, ACAM2000is accredited in United States against monkeypox and is currently not authorized in the EU. At this stage, the EMA does not confirm whether it intends to review the data relating to this injection, which is administered in the form of a preparation which is injected by pricking the surface of the skin.

Its administration causes an injury at the injection site and the inoculated virus can spread to other parts of the body and to other people, which requires taking precautions to avoid transmission.

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