Israeli Aggression on Gaza: Rising Death Toll and Ongoing Clashes – Latest Updates

2023-10-08 13:39:00

Agencies Sunday, October 8, 2023 04:39 PM

The Palestinian Ministry of Health confirmed on Sunday that the number of martyrs of the Israeli aggression on Gaza had risen to 370 martyrs, including 20 children, and about 2,200 wounded.

On Sunday, the Israeli Channel 13 confirmed that the number of settlers killed by fire from Palestinian factions in Gaza had risen to 600, and more than 2,000 others were injured.

On Saturday, Israeli Channel 7 revealed the killing of Nahal Brigade Commander Yonatan Steinberg, during clashes with Palestinian factions near the Kerem Shalom crossing.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Saturday that today is a black day, expressing his readiness to take revenge for this day, adding in an interview: “We will strike the positions of the Palestinian factions until the end,” according to Sky News.

Netanyahu called on the citizens of Gaza to leave the Gaza Strip because the Israeli army will strike with full force. Netanyahu warned Hamas against harming the Israeli hostages it is holding, and sent them a message, “I tell Hamas that you are responsible for the health and safety of the hostages.”

Netanyahu stressed, “We are facing this battle together. This war will take time and difficult days await us, but we will prevail.”

Netanyahu also thanked US President Joe Biden for his strong and clear statements.

Tonight, Israeli occupation naval boats bombed the Gaza City seashore with dozens of shells.

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