ITRC files investigation against Lisandro Junco after Pandora Papers

The W knew for the first time that the Agency of the General Inspector of Taxes, Income and Parafiscal Contributions –ITRC- finished and archived the detailed investigation of the income statement of the director of the Dian, Lisandro Juncoafter being mentioned in Pandora Papers, and pointed out that in the 2018 and 2019 income tax returns and the 2020 assets abroad, “the values ​​correspond to the supporting documents that account for the gross equity, income, costs, deductions and reported withholdings.

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Specifically for the year 2020, the ITRC analyzed whether there was something inaccurate or if the Cyber ​​Security System Company had been omitted to be reported, which was incorporated in Delaware in August 2016 and was transferred in September of that year to Florida and which was mentioned in the framework of “Pandora Papers” and asserted that the report of the company of the director of the DIAN in the state of Florida, United States, was never omitted.

In other words, the entity found that the declarations of income and assets abroad were perfect and everything that was reported in them corresponded to the supporting documents presented.

It is concluded that there is correspondence and justification of the values ​​entered in the income tax return taxable years 2018 and 2019a circumstance that leads to the non-existence of inaccuracies in the items declared during the periods subject to verification and, consequently, the configuration of an unjustified increase in equity is not noticed, in accordance with the analysis and verification provided for in the technical report presented”, he asserted. the ITRC.

Recall that the Pandora Papers report indicated that there were alleged inaccuracies contained in the income statements corresponding to the taxable years 2018 and 2019, as well as the omission in the related information in the annual declaration of assets abroad for taxable year 2020.

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