It’s not just being a school tyrant. This girl becomes a poor and busy family… By “playing rotten” and becoming a super rambling Internet celebrity | International | CTWANT

Hou Cuicui has become the most discussed Internet celebrity in mainland China because of his bad life records. (Photo / Photo taken by Hou Cuicui at Station B)

Recently, the topic of “war education” in Taiwan has been raging, but in mainland China, there is a young girl from a rural area. She has been relying on her own efforts to study and find employment in the city, but her job search is not smooth. She has served The company that does not have a statutory two-day weekend, or is facing the fate of bankruptcy, also made this young girl try to post a video showing her bad experience on the Internet during the period of receiving unemployment benefits, but because she said so many The voice of young people has unexpectedly become the most popular Internet celebrity in mainland China recently.

According to mainland Sina News, “Hou Cuicui”, whose real name is Hou Cui, is currently the most discussed internet celebrity in mainland China. But this year, 27-year-old Hou Cuicui, who was born in the countryside of Liaoning Province, is very ordinary from her family background to her education. From childhood to adulthood, she has never had any great achievements to speak of, let alone being an academic master. After graduating from school, she looked for a job just like most young people, working at a grassroots level in an ordinary small company.

Although she came from an ordinary family and lived an ordinary life all the way from school to employment, Hou Cuicui always believes that no matter how hard you work, you will reap the rewards. Even though she often has the lowest salary in the workplace, she always works hard and abides by the laws. The company she encountered either had one day off every week, or owed retirement reserves to employees. Later, she was even dismissed by her boss.

Hou Cuicui, who was dismissed, returned to her hometown. When she was receiving unemployment benefits of RMB 1,700 (about NT$7,700), she was always at a disadvantage in the workplace because she saw through ordinary young people like her. Decided to take a different path, in April of this year, she opened a video on the Internet, with no makeup in the mirror, filming ordinary people’s bad life records after their hard work, as a result, she has accumulated millions of fans. It has achieved high popularity on the Internet.

However, after Hou Cuicui’s video became popular, her style of “lying flat and rotten” is different from the current social atmosphere of the mainland government’s “working hard to make progress”, so she is now facing the dilemma of being forced to “rectify and reform.”

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