Janata Dal (S) Politics in LDF: Challenges, Leadership Crisis, and Potential Mergers

2023-09-24 00:53:13

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM ∙ With the Janata Dal (S) national leadership becoming part of the BJP alliance, the Dal state leadership and the Left Front started facing questions. Considering the seriousness of the incident, the failure of the state leadership to take a hasty decision has led the opposition to use it as a political weapon. The CPM leadership also has not digested that the leaders of Kerala have decided that even in an emergency situation, the decision is enough after two weeks.

It was earlier decided to meet the state council of Dal on 30th of this month. This date was decided when the BJP alliance hints came out. With the alliance finalized, the meeting was extended to October 7.

Dal leaders have made it clear that they will not accept the decision of the national leadership and will stand firm in the LDF. But they are not ready to declare that the national relationship has been severed.

There is also a conclusion that the reason for the slowdown is the differences of opinion within the party itself. Minister K. Krishnankutty is of the opinion that this should be seen as an opportunity to merge with Lok Tantric Janata Dal (LJD). LJD is merging with Lalu Prasad Yadav-led RJD on October 12. The question of the merger benefits is whether the two parties in Kerala should join the RJD. But the state president Mathew T. Thomas does not agree with Lalu becoming a part of the party, which is involved in corruption cases.

Another proposal is to merge with Nitish Kumar-led Janata Dal (U). Opponents of the merger move are of the opinion that a new Kerala Dal is sufficient in the context of continuing national ties. A small section is of the opinion that Gowda should not negotiate with the BJP in Kerala as well. There is also a doubt that the party may split in Kerala if they are not taken into confidence.

Neither MLAs K. Krishnankutty nor Mathew T. Thomas can formally join other parties under the Janata Dal(S) symbol. The threat of disqualification of MLAs will be avoided only if the party merges with another party.

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