Japan and China: The Choice Between Decoupling or Delivery Killing – An Analysis

2023-06-09 21:00:00

Japan forced to choose between ‘decoupling’ or ‘delivery killing’ for China

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(International journalist, Masato Kimura)

“Ukraine support not only Europeans but also Japanese people stood up”

[Kryvy Rych, central Ukraine]”I would like to point out that not only Europe has responded, but the Japanese have also stood up. The Japanese are proactive in terms of budget. Japan has stepped up its support for Ukraine, and recognizes that in the 21st century an overt aggression without any pretext other than land conquest would be dangerous not only in Europe but in all parts of the world.”

U.S. President Joe Biden suddenly announced a new economic partnership, the Atlantic Declaration, with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, with whom he has maintained a “special relationship” since World War II, at a joint press conference at the White House on the 8th. , mentioned Japan’s contribution to Ukraine.

It is clear that the U.S.’s intentional reference to Japan was not so much a matter of gratitude for Ukraine’s support, but rather with the Taiwan emergency in mind.

British Prime Minister Sunak and US President Biden hold a joint press conference at the White House (via Sunak’s Twitter)

In 1991, after Kuwait was liberated from the Gulf War, 30 countries were listed in thank-you advertisements published by the Kuwait government in the Washington Post and elsewhere, but Japan was not included. Japan provided $13 billion (approximately ¥1.81 trillion) to the coalition forces, the largest amount outside the Gulf States, but was completely ignored. Japan’s contribution to Ukraine this time, which is bound by Article 9 of the Constitution, is by no means large.

The United States and Europe have been embroiled in a war with Russia and have avoided direct involvement in the Ukraine war, fearing that it might escalate into a nuclear war. In terms of arms supply, the first priority was to prevent Ukraine from losing, but now it is shifting to driving the Russian army out of Ukrainian territory as much as possible to win Ukraine.

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