Jazz’s Project: Jordan Clarkson’s Return and Utah’s Rising Basketball Dynasty

2023-07-02 14:17:00

Jazz enters the dance! This one was easy, but the idea here is to put this in your mind: the Jazz loves its project and keeps its leaders, while surrounding them intelligently for a few days.

Jordan Clarkson and the Jazz, it matches! Four years after his arrival in Salt Lake City, the former empty shell of the Lakers signs for the duration with his current franchise, the perfect opportunity to remind us that the Jazz is just building us a nice little project.

Jordan Clarkson returns to Utah! 3 years and 55 million, much appreciated by the local Board!

— TrashTalk (@TrashTalk_fr) July 2, 2023

Arrived with the label of a chicken running without its head, as we said a little higher, Jordan Clarkson has finally thrilled his world since he donned the Jazz jersey. Always unpredictable, of course, but empowered first off the bench (best sixth man in the NBA in 2021!) then as a starter last season with more than 20 pawns on average, his best career numbers, and playmaking unsuspected and unsuspected a few months earlier.

With Lauri Markkanen as a franchise player, Walker Kessler and Taylor Hendricks or even Ochai Agbaji in the children’s category and John Collins who landed a few days ago to bring his verve to Salt Lake City (there will therefore be two JCs in Utah, that it’s info), the Jazz is therefore doing its little market quietly, with the aim of becoming a Playoffs team again in the short term. And if it doesn’t break any bricks yet, it at least has the merit of being done properly, step by step. Do we move on?

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