Jean-Luc Mélenchon leaves the set of a BFMTV program after a question about Quatennens

Invited to the news channel on Thursday evening, the rebellious leader got carried away on the grounds that he would not have been informed, upstream, of questions about his former right-hand man, sentenced in December for “violence on spouse “.

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Jean-Luc Mélenchon, leaving the BFMTV set, Thursday evening. Screenshot / BFMTV

Politico-media coup in the Adrien Quatennens affair. While the deputy made his big comeback this week in the Hemicycle of the National Assembly, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, guest Thursday evening of BFMTV, decided to leave the set of the show “Facing BFMafter a series of questions about his former right-hand man. The MP for the North was given a four-month suspended prison sentence in December for “spousal abuse». Before this sequence, the former presidential candidate had had a fairly lively exchange with presenter Maxime Switek.

Affirming loud and clear that the content of the program would have been negotiated upstream and that the interview should only have revolved around the pension reform, the Insoumis took his interlocutor to task for not “having warned him that (they) were going to talk (from the Quatennens case) This evening.” And to castigate journalists “without principles, without faith or law.» «I have only one thing to say: the law applies, it applied to him, he was punished enough, I was punished enough, all the rebels were punished enough. Every convicted person has the right to be rehabilitated. Everyone has the right to it. He was not condemned to ineligibility. So he does his job as a deputy“says Jean-Luc Mélenchon. As a response to the little music according to which Adrien Quatennens, after his conviction, should have represented himself before the voters.

This content is not accessible.

This content is not accessible.

«Leave him alone, let us go, let us do politics“, he got carried away. “I know very well that not everyone agrees with me. But I will not change my principle to please some fleeting opinion that despises the principles of the Republic.“, adds the LFI leader. The return of Adrien Quatennens in the hemicycle had caused a certain bronca Tuesday evening. During a question on the pension reform, the elected official had provoked the ire of the opposition and some applause among the Insoumis. Shortly after his conviction, the deputy had been excluded for four months from the LFI-Nupes group in the National Assembly.

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